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====== Description ====== The **European BPM round table** is the premier venue for researchers and practitioners to meet and discuss the latest trends in business process management. Over the past two decades, **business process management** has caused a radical change in the way in which organizations work. Nowadays, many organizations are structured in a 'process-oriented' manner and use business process management tools and techniques, both in their daily operations and to realize change. Still, this active field is developing rapidly and new tools and techniques appear continuously. This development is sustained by the continuous effort of researchers, who generate and develop new ideas, and practitioners, who demand new solutions and, by applying these in practice, generate valuable experience, which triggers further development. To facilitate this collaboration, the BPM round table provides a forum where researchers and practitioners meet, discuss the latest trends, exchange ideas and, together, take the field of business process management forward. {{ ::1174069_23051170.jpg?width=400|}} There are currently **22 national BPM round tables**. You are invited. The European BPM round table provides a European infrastructure, in which national BPM round tables share, among other things, knowledge, speakers and contacts. Activities and meetings between researchers and practitioners are organized by the national BPM round tables. Currently there are 22 of them and their number is still increasing. If you are interested in joining a national BPM round table and being part of the forefront of BPM researchers and practitioners, you are invited. **We look forward to welcoming you at one of our meetings.** ---- [[http://www.eitictlabs.eu/|{{ :eit_ict_labs.png?100|}}]] [[http://www.eitictlabs.eu/|{{:eit_ict_labs.png?100 |}}]] //The European BPM round table is supported by EIT ICT Labs (http://www.eitictlabs.eu/) which aims to turn Europe into the global leader in ICT innovation. //