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The group is active in the field of business process modeling. Our current focus is on techniques for modeling of families of business process variants. Together with the BPM group at Queensland University of Technology, we have developed a toolset for modeling and analyzing configurable process models (www.processconfiguration.com). We are also active in the field of process model comparison, clone detection and refactoring. The group has also developed the BIMP simulator for BPMN process models (bimp.cs.ut.ee).

Key persons

Toomas Saarsen is PhD student at University of Tartu. His ongoing research aims at building a maturity model for business process modeling and documentation. Prior to engaging in a PhD adventure, Toomas Saarsen was CEO of Logica Estonia and before that he was co-founder of Aprote, an Estonian IT consultancy firm. Toomas has over 15 years experience in BPM. He has been engaged in a few dozen BPM-related projects with banks, telcos and government organizations in Estonia.

Marlon Dumas is Professor of Software Engineering at University of Tartu and Scientific Leader at the Estonian Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre (www.stacc.ee). From 2000 to 2007, he worked in the Business Process Management research group at Queensland University of Technology (Australia). Marlon has been co-recipient of best paper awards at ETAPS'2006 and BPM'2010, co-inventor of three patents in the field of business process technologies, and co-author of a BPM textbook (“Fundamentals of Business Process Management”, Springer, 2013).

Local Network

Eesti Energia
Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board estonianagriculturalregisters.jpg
Estonian Association for Quality
Estonian Labour Inspectorate
Estonian Tax and Customs Board
SEB Bank


Toomas Saarsen