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 +====== Description ======
 +Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is well-known for its BPM research. Information systems groups from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences are contributing to the BPM Round Table. Members of these groups have been involved in the development of the open-source workflow systems YAWL (www.yawl-system.com) and Declare (www.win.tue.nl/​declare/​),​ the process mining framework ProM (www.processmining.org),​ the model repository Apromore (www.apromore.org),​ the simulation tool CPN Tools ( cpntools.org),​ and the workflow patterns (www.workflowpatterns.com). Research conducted within TU/e’s information systems groups is of high quality and highly visible. For example, the AIS group got the highest possible ranking in the last evaluation of Dutch Computer Science research (5-5-5-5-5) and Van der Aalst is the European computer scientist with the highest H-index. Fluxicon and Futura Process Intelligence are recent spin-offs from TU/e’s process mining research and illustrate the practical relevance of the research. ​