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 +====== Key persons ======
 +**Prof.dr.ir. Wil van der Aalst** is a full professor of Information Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). He is also an adjunct professor at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) working within the BPM group there. His research interests include workflow management, process mining, Petri nets, business process management, process modeling, and process analysis. Wil van der Aalst has published more than 150 journal papers, 17 books (as author or editor), 290 refereed conference/​workshop publications,​ and 50 book chapters. Many of his papers are highly cited (he has an H-index of 91 according to Google Scholar, making him the European computer scientist with the highest H-index) and his ideas have influenced researchers,​ software developers, and standardization committees working on process support. He has been a co-chair of many conferences including the Business Process Management conference, the International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems, the International conference on the Application and Theory of Petri Nets, and the IEEE International Conference on Services Computing. He is also editor/​member of the editorial board of a dozen journals and a member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities and the Academy of Europe (Academia Europaea).
 +**Dr.ir. Hajo Reijers** is an associate professor of Information Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is also affiliated to the TIASNimbas Business School as key faculty in the operations management program. Before entering academia, Hajo Reijers worked as a management consultant for Deloitte and Accenture, where he was involved in various projects for the financial service industry. His research interests cover process design , workflow management systems, process modeling, and simulation. By now, he published over 150 scientific papers, chapters in edited books, and articles in professional journals on these and related topics. Hajo Reijers spent the spring of 2009 as a visiting scholar at MIT's Sloan School of Management while he has worked for shorter periods at Babson College, Stevens Institute of Technology, the University of Innsbruck, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, and Queensland University of Technology
 +**Dr.ir. Irene Vanderfeesten** is an assistant professor in Information Systems and Business Process Management at Eindhoven University of Technology. After obtaining her Ph.D. degree from the same university, she worked as an IT consultant and business process advisor in a large Dutch financial organization. Her research interests include business process management, business process redesign, process modeling guidelines, human aspects of information systems, and healthcare information systems. She has published papers on these topics in scientific journals, such as Computers in Industry and Information Systems, and in international research conferences,​ such as Business Process Management (BPM) and Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE).
 +**Dr.ir. Remco M. Dijkman** is an assistant professor in Information Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Twente, where he has held positions as a postdoctoral researcher and as a research assistant. Before working at the University of Twente, he combined work as a research assistant and consultancy work in positions at the Open University of the Netherlands and Ordina. He has been a visitor of the BPT group at the Hasso Plattner Institut, the Institute of Information Systems at Humboldt-University Berlin, and the BPM group at Queensland University of Technology. His research interests include Business Process Management and Service Oriented Computing. He has worked as a researcher in a number of national and international projects, including the SPICE European Project; and the SHOPPS, NLI, ArCo, and A-MUSE national projects.