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====== BPM Round Table Trento ====== {{:wiki:trento:trento.jpg?500 |}} ===== Description ===== The University of Trento is a medium-size university located in northern Italy. It has recently been ranked by the ministry of education at the top of all Italian universities based on research productivity and capability to attract funding. The department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI), born in 2002, is the crown jewel of the university. It is characterized by a highly international environment and by a young and enthusiastic faculty. As member of the Trento RISE EIT ICT Lab, in 2011 DISI became associate member of the EIT, the European Institute of Technology. The DISI team participating in the BPM Round Table Trento has competences in the broad areas of business process management, service-oriented computing, web engineering, social computing, and data and knowledge management. These competences have been developed both in past and current EU projects as well as by participating in projects funded by international and local companies, all with a special focus on process modeling and analysis. The specific topics of interest regarding this focus area are as follows. ===== Topics ===== * Business process modeling * Business process discovery * Business process compliance * Business process warehousing and reporting * Social business process management and applications * Lightweight process environments and mashups * Crowdsourcing / crowd computing ===== Key persons ===== **Fabio Casati** is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Trento. He got his PhD from the Politecnico di Milano and then worked 7 years in HP USA on business process intelligence. Fabio has also contributed to the development of several HP commercial products in the area of web services and business process management. In Trento, he is leading or participating to several FP7 projects, is active in many industry-funded projects, both local and international, and has over 30 granted patents. His passions are now in social informatics, or, informatics at the service of the community. **Florian Daniel** is a research fellow at the University of Trento, Italy. He worked as visiting researcher in HP Labs, Palo Alto, California, and was post-doc researcher at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, from which he holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology (2007) and a Master in Computer Engineering (2003). Florian is Program Chair of BPM 2013, ICWE 2013 and MobiWIS 2013, and is co-organizing the international workshop series ComposableWeb and BEWEB. Florian is co-author of the book Engineering Web Applications (Springer, 2009) and of more than ninety scientific publications in international journals, conferences and workshops. His research interests are (Social) Business Process Management and Web Engineering. ===== Local Network ===== | Opera21 Group SpA | {{:wiki:trento:opera21.png?direct&200|}} | ===== Contact ===== Florian Daniel\\ University of Trento\\ Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science\\ Via Sommarive 5\\ 38123 Povo (TN)\\ Italy\\ \\ Phone: +39 0461 88 3780\\ Email: daniel@disi.unitn.it\\ WWW: www.floriandaniel.it \\